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Financing is now available!!!

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Financing FAQ


**If you would like to try our financing please click below:**
Financing is now available!!
Click here to get started!

*IF you prefer to keep business local, I highly suggest applying directly with a credit union.

We are currently working on getting in touch with the local credit unions
to provide a one-stop-shopping experience.


How to get started at a Credit Union:

FIRST: Please come by the shop to find the unit that is best for you. We encourage everyone who is looking to buy to come check it out in person before making a financial decision.

At Bartlett's Cycle we understand that buying a powersport is a lot like buying a car. Whether it is a unit to use for work, to have recreational fun with the family or just to get you from point A to point B at the deer lease.

Either way, please check our units out in person.

After you find a unit you would like to take home, we would discuss price.

Then you decide on the lender you would like to go with.

The best route is usually through local credit unions.


Two ways to finance through SETX credit unions:


1.) Personal Loan - (also called Signature loans or line of credit) Some benefits are: No need to put what you are buying for collateral, no need for full coverage insurance, sometimes better rates than collateral loan and gives you buying power. Once approved the money would be deposited into your account and you purchase your unit with cash or card.

2.) Collateral Loan  - Uses the powersport being purchased as the collateral to obtain the loan. Must also get full coverage insurance and the unit must have a title. With these loans, a buyer's order must be obtained from Bartlett's Cycle and we can fax it to your loan agent. After all goes through the bank then sends Bartlett's Cycle a drafting letter that insures us you have made your commitment to that bank thus therefore makes the unit available to pick up.

Please talk to a loan advisor about rates and services they offer.

If you are ready to apply for a loan please choose from any of the following banks.
(It is not necessary to pick these, there are other credit unions out there. Please do your necessary research among the banks to find your best rate and if you live in the Houston or Louisiana please choose credit unions around where you live.)

Click on the banks below to fill out a loan application.